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+36 20 438 1071 / +36 30 741 8588 7621 Pécs, Munkácsy Mihály u. 41.
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The historical building, which was built at the end of the 19th century, is at the very heart of the Mediterranean city center of Pécs. The building is a three-minutes walk from the main square. As a unique solution, the street door connects a civilian and a peasant’s house and leads to a quiet, enclosed, plant-filled courtyard. After a complete reconstruction of the building, it opened as “Ábrahám Kishotel” in 2000 and was operated successfully for 13 years, when it had to be closed because of the deteriorating health status of the owner. The building opened in 2017 after a change of the ownership and a reconstruction. In honor of the previous owner, it is called as Abraham Vintage Rooms & Apartman. The accomodation was renewed in a vintage style, most of the equipments are handmade furnitures and accessories which are renovated uniquely.

Guests can find one of the city’s largest gyms in close proximity to our accommodation, and have the opportunity to indulge in various fitness activities, as well as have access to both stand up and lay down tanning beds.
Also, right across the street there’s a pair of hairdressing and cosmetics salons available.
The main street of Pécs, Király street is located just a 200 meter long stroll away from our Guest&Apartmenthouse, where a wide variety of restaurants and bars welcome our guests.

Pecs Belvaros2
Szechenyi Ter

Some nearby attractions

  • Kiraly Street 230m
  • National Theatre of Pécs 350m
  • Kossuth Square 350m
  • Arkad shopping center 450m
  • Széchenyi Square 500m
  • Jokai Square 510m
  • Bus station of Pécs 700m
  • Cella Septichora visitor center 1000m
  • Kodaly Center 1000m
  • Basilica of Pécs 1100m
  • Zsolnay quarter 1200m
  • Tettye ruins 1700m

Proximity to University (PTE) Faculties

  • Faculty of Business and Economics 400m
  • Faculty of Law 400m
  • Faculty of Health Sciences 750m
  • Faculty of Arts 1600m

Nearby Amenities

  • Fitness Center: 30m
  • Hairdresser / Cosmetics: 65m
  • Pub: 120m
  • Dentistry: 180m
  • Restaurant: 190m
  • Non-stop supermarket: 220m
  • Puppet Theater: 220m
  • Bakery: 250m
  • Artistic Movie-theater: 250m
  • Fruits and vegetables: 260m
  • Bus stops: 350m
  • Pharmacy: 400m

Useful information:

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To view rail timetables click here!

To see the parking system of Pécs’s downtown click here!

To see the website of the adjacent fitness Center click here!

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